Financially deciphering men

Men are impatient by nature; They hate ranks, crowds and go searching for the item they need. This would lead us to think that they are rushed and avoid making comparisons between the products they are going to buy.

However, and to our surprise, they are more rational and prefer to wait until they find that object or service that, in their opinion, meets the expectations they are looking for. For this genre, it is common for purchase decisions to be based on the reason, the comparison and the price they are willing to pay.

How are your finances?

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Despite comparing prices and being not very emotional when making their purchases, men often have “small expenses” that if they are not controlled can become a big problem for their financial budget. These “small expenses” are not usually important but considered urgent and justified; The seriousness of the matter lies in the lack of control of these expenditures, since generally the money allocated to these purposes can vary considerably, which makes it impossible to include them in the budget. Within the “small expenses” we can find: meals outside the home, transportation and alcoholic beverages.

What do they buy?

Most men spend their money buying:
1. Sports elements (clothing, guayos, balls)
2. Technological devices (tablets, mobile devices, video games)
3. Clothing (Shirts, pants, shoes)
4. Gifts (Flowers, chocolates, invitations)
5. Alcoholic beverages

How can you optimize your money?

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Men are very good at making a general balance of their finances, but they need to be a little more aware of the expenses that seem not to be significant because that is where their deficit is month to month. A good alternative to control these expenses is:

Make a list of expenses that seem not to be as important, such as weekend trips, invitations or gifts. To allocate a monthly item to these activities and include them in the budget of the month. Men are technology lovers, so downloading these free apps can be a great help:

Pocket Expense Lite

It is a complete finance software that helps track what happens with your personal finances. Pocket expense classifies transactions, invoices and adjusts budgets so that you can reach your savings goals.

Cashflow. It is a simple asset management tool that will allow you to manage your daily income and expenses. With this application you can register operations in an easier and simpler way.


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