Warren Buffett’s Childhood Home

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the news on Airbnb This charming 3/2 in Omaha, NE sleep 6. It’s part of a contest for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders only. If you are a fan of Warren Buffett then just buy some stock and enter the contest. Good Luck! Here’s what Airbnb say about the place And … [Read more…]

Telescopic Lens in Contacts?

A company called VisionCare has been developing a telescoping contact lens for a few years and is leading the way for US companies. CNN Reported Optomotrist James Wolffsohn, spokesperson for the British Contact Lens Association, looks forward to one day using technologies like the telescopic lens in clinical practice. “The lens seems an interesting concept … [Read more…]

5 Blogging Tips to a Successful Site

It is important to note that people set up blogs for many different reasons and purposes. From sharing information that they have learned about popular hobbies to providing invaluable information on how to file income taxes with the IRS, blogs can be used to keep interesting dialogue going on about a wide variety of different … [Read more…]